Crumble Blocks, Speed Boost Blocks, and Missile Shutters

Mar 19, 2016 at 10:19 PM
Edited Mar 19, 2016 at 10:38 PM
I've played about eight runs of the Randomizer, some with the classic version (all items, randomized) and some with the modern version (only 50% items total, randomized). The classic version is the more entertaining of the two, but I like both.

However, I'm noticing my play-throughs are starting to take on predictable paths, even though the items are random. I believe this is because the base game is designed to lock players on one-way tracks.

To that end, it might be a good idea to include some optional scripts in future versions of the program.
Auto Crumble (Crumble blocks are replaced with no-collision blocks, so that Samus falls right through them)
This would allow several back-entrance approaches to areas, such as getting into lower Norfair with the high jump and the jump-ball through its exit. While it might seem like this would cause an issue with the mockball spot in Green Brinstar, the powerup would still be accessible by jumping up through the gap beneath the super missile (since the crumble block would have no collision and wouldn't block the bomb climb or wall jump). It also resolves two common points where the player can become stuck: the power-up after Spore Spawn (if it's not a super missile, removing the crumble blocks would let the player wall-jump back up) and the mockball in Green Brinstar (without bombs, failing the mockball gets the player inescapably stuck).
Speed Boost Blocks to Blast Blocks (Replace all Speed boost blocks with blast blocks, which can be broken by bombs, screw attack, AND speed boost)
This would open up a great deal of Norfair if the player has not discovered the speed booster or Varia suit yet, and would also prevent a few situations where the randomizer can cause the player to become stuck or turn out to be unbeatable (For instance; I've had a playthrough where I could not reach Draygon because the speed booster was not available, and so I could not beat the game). This would also help to (but not completely) resolve the most frustrating point getting stuck in a Speedboost-first run: being trapped with the Dachora in the Speedboost tutorial (If have less than two energy tanks, accidentally falling down that shaft results in an inescapable situation).
Missile Shutters converted to Beam Shutters
I'm not sure how feasible this is, and I know there's already a workaround (the green shutter glitch) but I believe it would be better if there were an option to replace missile shutters with beam shutters, so that the wave beam could be used to bypass them. Again, this would make certain back entrances more viable--such as the Golden Torizo or the Maridia exit to Red Brinstar. Making an option to replace shutter types would also allow speedrun contests to decide just which advanced techniques and glitches are necessary for their competitors to utilize.
Since the randomizer already alters the function of certain blocks in the game (making them spawn over certain items to conceal them) I believe the above features would be compatible if implemented and could really go a long way to tailoring the speedrun experience.