Project Description

This is a simple program that moves around items in Super Metroid. It is used for racing the game.

When racing the game, it is suggested that each player play the same seed to ensure a level playing field.

Using the Program

When you start the program, you will see there are two tabs, one for "Current Randomizer" and one for "Old Randomizer". "Current Randomizer" is more difficult than "Old Randomizer", so if you aren't as experienced at Super Metroid, you may wish to create a rom under the "Old Randomizer" setting.

That said, if you want to play "Current Randomizer", read on...

Tricks You Should Know

Believe it or not, every rom created with "Current Randomizer" is completable! There are just a few tricks you have to know.


This is a very important trick to know! It will allow for so many new areas to be open to you. Here's a short demo:

Short Charge

If you drew Speed Booster as your first item, this move is mandatory. Just wait to press run when building a charge, like so:

This will enable you to make it past the bomb blocks in the room left of your ship (simply wait about half a second to press run, then jump into the block with blue speed.)

Continuous Wall Jump

Going to Wrecked Ship early is pretty good in Randomizer, so knowing how to get across without using Grapple or Speed Booster is pretty important. Here's a demonstration:

Gravity Jump

This will allow you to enter lower Norfair without the use of Space Jump. Here's a demonstration:

Green Gate Glitch

This is a technique allowing you to open green gates and wave gates without wave beam, both from the "wrong" side. The Green Gate Glitch is also valid on blue gates, allowing you to retrace your steps from red Brinstar to green Brinstar, as well as sneak past to get whatever is hiding in Screw Attack's spot. Here's a demo:

You can also open right facing gates from the "wrong" side in certain circumstances, as shown here:

Zebetite Glitch

Probably you will want to know this with how little ammo there is in randomizer nowadays. Here's an entire article on the subject:

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